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Can parents watch dance lessons?

For the younger groups, first-time parents may observe the beginning of the first class to help their child settle in. However, we find that children respond better without parental or sibling presence in the studio. After many years of experience, we use special tactics to help those who struggle to separate from their parents, so don’t worry if it takes a few weeks for your child to feel comfortable and participate. At Jigsaw Dance, we have a viewing window in the waiting area where parents can observe the classes. For all other classes, parents are not allowed to enter or be present in the studio once the class has started. It is disruptive and unsettling for all the dancers. We do offer parents a chance to have a sneak peek during the last 10 minutes of class on the final week of term 1 and 3.

Is it mandatory to participate in the mid-year and end-of-year concerts?

Our concerts are not compulsory, but highly recommended. It is a fun and entertaining experience for everyone involved, and a great way for your child to showcase all their hard work throughout the year. Our Mid-Year Showcase is usually held in the middle of Term 2, and our End of Year Concert is usually held on the third weekend of November. This ensures that dancing finishes before the busy holiday season.

Can I enroll after the dancing year has started?

Yes, we understand that not everyone can start dancing at the beginning of the year. We accept enrolments from new students throughout the year. To enroll, simply email us at or call 0412 687 890 for the most up-to-date timetable, and we can arrange to get your child started in their classes.

Performance dance troupe

Jigsaw Dance Performance Teams get an opportunity to perform several times throughout the year at different community events, fairs, and fetes. The Performance Troupes correspond with each different grouping of classes and their matching concerts (e.g., Rising Stars). This opportunity is open to everyone. We have the tentative dates booked in for 2023 (please see the Calendar). As these dates are fast approaching, we request that you enrol as soon as you know you would like to participate. To ensure that we provide the best representation of Jigsaw Dance at these performances, we require weekly commitment.

Does Jigsaw Dance break for school and public holidays?

Yes, we dance within the NSW Schools Terms and follow NSW School holidays and Public Holidays (except our starting week of the year and our finishing week of the year). Our first week back of the term generally starts on the Monday, even if your child’s school has a pupil-free day, unless those term dates are affected by public holidays or the concert falls on a Saturday during that Term. This allows our Saturday students the same amount of weeks to practice as the other days of the week.

Do I need to buy a dance uniform or shoes before I enroll?

No, dancers trying classes for the first time are encouraged to come in comfy clothes and sneakers. We have our uniform and dance shoes available for purchase at the studio. This means you have the opportunity to be fitted for these items on your trial day.

Important safety rules for Jigsaw Dance Studio

Once you have enrolled, all students and their families are expected to adhere to a few simple rules for the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the studio.

  • No food containing nuts or nut product can be brought into the studio by a parent, student or sibling.
  • Children must not enter the dance studio area unless accompanied by a teacher
  • Children must not leave the building unless accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Before and after class, students are expected to be supervised by their parents. Teacher supervision
    extends only to students in class.

Car Park Safety and Parking

We have children of all ages attending our studio. Please, enter and exit our car parks with extreme caution. Please make yourself aware of our designated parking spots (please don’t park in our neighbour’s designated spots….it doesn’t make them happy at all!) At Jigsaw, there is plenty of parking around the
back of the studio. Please use it if our front spots are taken

Dance class attendance

If you miss three classes in a row without contacting us we will assume you have discontinued. If you need to miss three classes due to things like a holiday or ill health, please let us know and we will be happy to hold your place in the class. You can email or text 0412 687 890, if you child is unable to attend..

Private Dance Tuition

For anyone who wishes to take on private lesson in 2023, please note that you will be unable to perform in our concerts (as they are just simply too big!). Private lesson dancers can choose other performance opportunities, if they wish, or use these lessons to perfect their skills.

Second hand dance shoes

In order to make things easier, I have started a Facebook Page with second hand shoes and uniform. You can list your pre-loved shoes and uniform on the page with your contact details, so others can contact you directly and organise to purchase. Here is the link;

Photography, Videography and Media

Through-out the year, your child may be photographed or filmed for promotional or advertising purposes. This may include, but not limited to, photos on our social media pages, local media articles or published on our websites. If you do not want your child’s photograph to be used, please advise staff in writing when you enrol.

Making up dance class

If for whatever reason your child needs to miss a class, they are more than welcome to attend a similar class to make up for their missed lesson. At Jigsaw Dance we offer a maximum of 2 make up lessons within the same term. If you go on holidays, classes still must be paid for in full to ensure your child’s place in the class is held.

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