Pre school dancing lessons Castle Hill
dance for pre schoolers Castle Hill

Perfect for pre-school aged children.

Jigsaw Juniors programmed classes for pre school age children

Each week our classes are a journey of imagination, creation and education. Along the way, our dancers develop new skills, confidence and friendships through the passionate guidance of our teachers.  We encourage creative thinking and exploration while our dancers get to feel a sense of pride, excitement & fun and most importantly feel like the most important dancer in the room.

During our classes we jump, hop, stamp, point, roll, fly, sing, laugh out loud and grow into plants reaching towards the sun.  We use hula hoop, bean bags on our heads, fairy wands, scalves, balls and much, much more.

Our Jigsaw Jnr Dance Program incorporates all these elements combining dance, drama, games, props …but most of all, lots of fun and laughter. This program has been specifically developed to enhance strength, flexibility, co-ordination & dance technique.

When we dance & sing it stimulates our whole brain, as does using props, creative drama games and moving to music. It lifts mood and brings joy releasing endorphins.

Our teachers who teach this program, have been hand selected and trained not only in the curriculum but how to engage and involve every single dancer in the room. This is very important as the expectation of our weekly meeting with our dancers is to be an amazing and positive experience EVERY time.

Don’t worry if you think your little one is shy or may not join in, we have had many years of working and encouraging little ones and ensuring they feel comfortable to the point that they will stand at the door and wave goodbye to you.

Class sizes are capped so if you register for a class that is full, you will go on a waiting list and I will contact you as soon as a position becomes available.

Fun, safe & energetic dance classes your toddler will love!

JIGSAW JNR RAINBOW CONNECTION (My Love and Me) – This is a beautiful opportunity for you and your little one to start the music and movement appreciation process. Together you and your little one will play with musical instruments, use fun props, run obstacle courses on the soft play equipment while singing and dancing together.

JIGSAW JNR NEXT GENERATION COMBO CLASS (45mins) – This combo class has been created to allow dancers to experience different genres of dance in a 45min lesson. This will give them a taste of a variety of styles and see which ones they love and may wish to pursue in the future. This programming includes:  JAZZ, HIP HOP, MINI ACRO, TAP (without tap shoes) & BABY YOGA 

These classes are fun and energy filled including basic movement, co-ordination, singing and drama to familiar music. It gives children a chance to develop their ear for music and feet for dancing, starting at the age most crucial.

JIGSAW JNR BALLET – Our ballet classes have the same fun and energy of our Jazz classes, but also incorporates the beginnings of ballet techniques allowing a gentle introduction to the world of tippy toes and twirls. Dancers are taught correct technical skills and ‘French’ ballet names for steps and movements – so we have classes of 2-5yr olds speaking French each week!

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Looking for class times? Download our class timetable.

5 Stars

The studio itself is gorgeous, it is cleaned meticulously despite being busy – indicative of how much effort they put in to keep the space clean and hygienic.

Sarangi Rupasinghe

5 Stars

A great dance school for all ages and levels! Such a warm and friendly environment and very welcoming to all. Our kids always have a great time. Highly recommended.

Sean O’Connor

5 Stars

The teaching team is always full of energy and ready to help build your kids self esteem. Such a positive environment, and all round great people to be around.

Mikayla Davidson-hill

Fun, safe & energetic dance classes your toddler will love!


Can mum & dad watch the class? First time parents of the younger groups may watch the beginning of the first class to help settle dancers in.  After this we find that the children respond much better without parents and siblings in the studio.  However, after many years of experience, special tactics are used for those who have trouble separating from their parents, so don’t worry if it takes your dancer a couple of weeks to feel comfortable and participate. At Jigsaw HQ, we have viewing windows where parent can watch the classes from the waiting area. In the final week of Term 1 and 3, we have parent participation week. This is where you can come and join in with your dancers as they teach you the moves they have learnt through-out the term.

Is it compulsory to participate in the mid-year & end of year concert? Our concerts are not compulsory but highly recommended.  It’s a fun and entertaining experience for everyone involved and a great way for your dancer to show off all their hard work they have done throughout the year. Our concerts are designed to be pressure free and as relaxed as possible for everyone involved.

Can I enroll after the dancing year has started? Yes – we accept new students throughout the year. Just email us at: for an information sheet and timetable.

Do I need to buy a dance uniform or shoes before I enroll? No – dancers trying classes for the first time are encouraged to come in comfy clothes and sneakers. Uniform can either be purchased online through our website  or we have stock at the studio so you have an opportunity to be fitted on your trial day.

Childrens dance class in castle hill

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Welcome to Jigsaw Dance Studio, the ultimate destination for dance lovers! We believe that dance is not just a hobby but a passion that can change lives. That’s why we offer free trial dance classes for all our students, from toddlers to adults, to help them explore their passion for dance.

Our free trial dance classes give you a chance to experience our studio’s unique vibe and meet our highly skilled instructors. We offer a wide range of dance styles, including ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, and acrobatics, to cater to all levels of dance enthusiasts.

Our studio boasts state-of-the-art facilities, spacious dance studios, and a supportive community that will make your dance journey even more enjoyable. Our instructors have years of experience and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whether you want to dance professionally or just for fun.

To book your free trial dance class, simply visit our website and fill out the registration form. You can choose the dance style and level that suits you best, and our team will get back to you with the confirmation details.

Don’t wait any longer to explore your passion for dance. Join us for a free trial dance class today and experience the magic of Jigsaw Dance Studio!

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