Dear our beautiful parents and students,

As you are all no doubt aware, the updates, restrictions and guidelines surrounding the Coronavirus have been continuing to unfold rapidly over the last few days and though it was our hope to continue to run classes within the studio for as long as we could, the time has now come for change.

From the very first day I started this, all I have ever wanted is to create a safe and happy place for our dancers, where they can truly be themselves and be made to feel special and welcome every single time they enter our doors. It was my hope to continue classes as long as we could, so we could provide some normality to your children’s lives and continue to provide joy and happiness – as we know for many, it is the highlight of their week and something they so look forward to.

With the latest update from the government, it is now our social responsibility to suspend classes and close the door to our physical studios…. For now. This is not a forever thing and we want you to know that we are doing everything in our power to go above and beyond for you and continue to provide the same amazing classes you know and love – just in a different platform. As the saying goes… When one door closes, another one opens and this couldn’t be more true for us. The silver lining in all of this, is that we now get to provide our service in a whole new way that we never would have dreamt of; had this situation not come to be.

We are now able to deliver dance classes in the comfort of your own living room and provide extended resources that allow us to connect and encourage students in new ways. Classes for term 1 are not stopping at all. In fact, we are continuing to run our lessons and programs, full speed ahead, in our virtual classroom. Before I do go on to explain how this will work, I just want to take a moment to express my most heartfelt gratitude and thanks to all of our beautiful families.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for each and every one of you. I have been overwhelmed with the number of positive messages, emails and words of support during this trying time. As I always say, you are not just people who come to dance at my studio and then go home at the end of it. You are truly family to me and so right now my heart is breaking for all of us as we navigate the effects of this worldwide issue. I know many of you run your own businesses, work for businesses that are having to close or are going through hardships of your own. I want you to know, that as a community – we are here for you.

Now more than ever, we are all in this together and so I invite you to share, interact and use our group as a safe place where you can feel supported, get your daily dose of joy and feel connected with others; when at times it can feel particularly isolating. I am thankful for my teachers and background team who love you and your kids as much as I do. We have all been working extended hours to get this virtual platform up and running for you and it truly wouldn’t be possible without them.

Which brings me to this exciting thing we have managed to pull together in the matter of a few short days. Our Virtual Dance Classroom, which as of today, is up and running and ready to welcome students near and far, for a series of fun and exciting lessons. It is the same amazing programs we had planned for our physical classroom, but instead you get to dance up a storm in your own lounge room – How cool is that!

We are now finalising our Online Dance Program for Term 2, the new website is built and we look forward to showing it to you. Check it out at – you will see you can get to a certain point and then you will be asked for passwords for access to the video training portal. Make contact with us on or 0412 687 890 and we can help you with your enrolment and get you the access PASSWORDS.

If technology and digital platforms is your thing and you have any ideas or suggestions to bring to the table, please do feel free to share them with us. We will continue to build out extra resources, colouring in sheets, online competitions and more, so that our online community can reflect as closely as possible the wonderful experience we strive to offer in our physical studio.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support. Stay with us during this time. Support local businesses if you can. Stay safe and healthy. And above all, continue to be the wonderful humans you are and spread love.

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