Midyear Concert

What is the Midyear Showcase?

Our Midyear Showcase is a performance we put on every year in June. The dancers get to learn a routine in class during terms 1 & 2 and then have the opportunity to get up on stage and perform for family and friends. It is a really relaxed, stress-free and positive experience for everyone involved and is a great chance to get a feel of what it is like to dance on stage, have something to work towards and showcase all of their amazing achievements so far. Differing from our End of Year Concert, the midyear showcase is just done in class uniform as we save the costumes for the end of the year!

Why do we run two dance concerts?

At Jigsaw Dance we run a Midyear Showcase in June and an End of Year Concert in November. There are a number of reasons we run 2 relaxed, stress-free and positive concerts each year:

  •  It gives the kids something to work towards (that isn’t months and months and months away)
  • It allows the parents to have a sneak peak of what they have been working on so far and then furthermore see how much progress they have made in their confidence when they perform again at the end of the year
  • It gives the kids an idea of what it is like to dance up on stage and gives them that confidence to perform again for the end of year show
  • It means that students who join us at different times in the year, still have opportunities to perform on stage
  • It gives the kids a sense of pride, excitement and achievement, knowing they have worked towards this amazing goal and built the confidence to get up on stage
  • It means the kids get to learn 2 new routines meaning they don’t get bored of doing the same thing over and over again!

We can’t wait for your children to showcase their dances at this year’s Midyear Showcase…

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